Paris, France

We are partnering with the amazing Estelle Boagaert and Publisher Susanne Schumman of Amber and Muse to bring a most memorable experience to you. Come join us in conversation at the lovely Ausourire Hotel where we will host our class sessions, meals, a memorable farewell dinner.

What you will learn and take away from the workshop:
How to hone in your style and make it your brand, how to get and book destination weddings in the luxury market, how to master the lifestyle of a destination wedding photographer, how to use and find the correct light for imagery that stands out, how to shoot film correctly, learn how to create a profitable business that is successful, how to “naturally” pose your clients, match your skill set to match your clientele, documenting authentic movement and emotion, training your eye on how to shoot for portfolio images and publication, how to manage shooting both film and digital, how to connect with industry leading vendors and planners, how to set your prices, using social media as your primary marketing tool and much more!

After taking some time from teaching workshops, I’m now ready to embark on the next Donny Zavala Workshop. With over 1.5 years since my last workshop, I’ve been eager to host again! I’m honored and humbled to have worked all over the world documenting weddings in Italy, France, UK, Bali, India, US, and many other locations. With many years of experience in the fine art wedding industry and many years of hosting workshops, I’m now ready to come to Paris to teach! Please join us!

Have you been looking to find your voice in this highly competitive photography market? Are you seeking to create images that are highly recognizable and stand out from the competition? Are you seeking to break in to the luxury wedding market that seems to elude you? Come to Paris this July with myself and the talents of Stylist/florist Janna Brown whom along with the most recognizable Makeup and Hair Artist in Europe, Harold James will help create the most exclusive editorials looks for you to capture. Not only we’ll you find us in Paris, but you will also find us creating the most memorable shoots, education classes and networking opportunities the industry has to offer.

WORKSHOP | July 1-3, 2019

With several years in the wedding photography industry, Donny brings an array of expertise and value to his workshops. His easy going personality, paired with an immense talent as a film and digital photographer sets the scene for learning all the tools you need in to survive in this extremely competitive market. Donny is ready and eager to meet you where you are. Whether you are struggling with the smallest area to the more complex areas of your busness, he is ready to bring everyhing he has learned to make him one of the most successful photographers in the industry.  Be ready to learn the technical, business, social media side of your business, all while prepping yourself to shoot luxury weddings. Be ready to be changed and challenged in all the ways you've always have envisioned.


Workshop Speaker

Susanne Schuhmann

Workshop Planning/Coordination and Speaker

Estelle Bogaert

Workshop Stylist/Florist and Speaker

Janna Brown

Workshop Makeup and Hair Artist

Harold James


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Read Bio

Read Bio

Read Bio

It is my quest and mission to always be a student of all things exquisite: a seeker of beauty, curator of fine details, purveyor of aesthetics and arranger of wild, untamed florals. As a floral designer and stylist, I have found myself dotting the map, working alongside elephants in the open bush of South Africa, beneath the Eiffel Tower, amongst the lavender fields in Provence, atop grassy peaks in New Zealand, on the enchanting streets of Florence and finding my way through the haze of the sunrise on the Pacific Coast. My collective experiences and internal creative compass have my soul yearning for perpetual adventure, beauty and new creations. Having the opportunity to do what I love for a living, at times, leaves me speechless; bringing beautiful moments to fruition is a treasured reward. 

Janna Brown

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“Harold James is the most sought after destination Hair & Makeup artist of our time.His eye finds beauty in the soul of his muse, painting his canvas with an artist’s vision. Harold’s approach is timeless & generous, offering his clients an experience of true luxury.” -Joy Proctor

Harold James

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The founder and editor of Amber & Muse (in German Hochzeitsguide), a modern, versatile and sophisticated fine art wedding blog full of emotive content that moves and inspires its readers in both German and English. It was Susanne’s wish for change, self-fulfillment and more freedom within her day-to-day work that led her to initiate the wedding blog in the spring of 2011. Since then she has considered herself very lucky to have the best job ever. Amber & Muse gathers stories with aesthetics, natural, elegant and defined details and hopes to inspire its readers with great fine art photography, creative and ethereal shoots as well as the latest trends in bridal fashion. From the very beginning, Susanne attached great importance to showing sophisticated and multifaceted inspirations for modern, individual and confident bridal couples on Amber & Muse. 

Since 2015 Susanne publishes also the VOW Fine Art Magazine one a year - a symbiosis of fine art, impressive photography, artistic creativity and classy inspirations.
Susanne’s loves in her own words: “living the moment, laughter, nature, people who bring certain topics into question and think and live apart from commerce, creative food, good books by linguistically gifted writers, silence, photographic art and of course my kittens Luis and Lola.”

Susanne Schuhmann

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Mother, woman and Strong of an experience in change management and organization, it is naturally that I became interested in the wedding Industry. Creativity is everywhere and especially in us, so I take the time to express it, through the inspirations I share daily. The more we share, the more we want to create and have the particular intention of sharing our vision. It reveals who we are, what you are and what you want to highlight in your professional activities as well as your intimate events and weddings. That's how I started practising with professionals. It is an altruistic and thoughtful approach that gives another dimension to my skills by supporting emotionally charged projects.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Paris

Estelle Bogaert

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The team is mindful and is carefully selecting the best industry leading practices and looks for our workshop with the intention to bringing you the best imagery and augment your portfolio to potentially create more business for you. The education sessions are likewise vital and here again we will only speak on practical and relevant topics. Donny is ready to unpack everything he has learned, from shooting luxury weddings, international weddings and how he continues to grow his business.
These decisions will be carefully studied and planned as we feel only the best practices can bring the most traction to your business. It’s vital to us that you will also find your self in deep conversation with our creative team that will be as fulfilling as the shoots themselves.



Jimmy Choo



Photovision Film Lab

Film Supply Club


Veronica Halim (@truffypi)

Carey Lowe (@theideaemporium)

The Hotel

Attendees will have the option to book their own hotel, Airbnb or stay at the lovely Eiffel Kennedy Hotel whom is graciously offering a discount to our attendees. Attendees are responsible for booking their own lodging. A Facebook Workshop Page will created that will allow attendees to communicate and share ideas if they wish to lodge together.

Lodging Options for Workshop Attendees:


Visit Hotel Website

11:00am-1:30 pm Rooftop Meet and Greet over brunch at Ausourire Hotel

2pm-5pm Donny to speak on business and photography at Ausourire Hotel

6pm-sunset Outdoor Bridal Editorial

Dinner at Ausourire Hotel

July 1

6am-10am Sunrise Bridal Editorial Shoot

11am: meet for brunch with team and students at Ausourire Hotel

1pm-5pm: Education sessions, speakers, and styling class with Janna Brown at Ausourire Hotel

6pm: Conclude speaking sessions. 

7pm Dinner at Ausourire Hotel

July 2

9am-11am light breakfast over business and final talks with Donny at Ausourire Hotel

12pm Lunch at Ausourire Hotel

5pm break for lite dinner at Ausourire Hotel

6pm Full Bridal and Groom Shoot

Farewell Dinner

July 3


Attendees will have the option to book their own hotel, Airbnb or stay at the lovely Eiffel Kennedy Hotel whom is graciously offering a discount to our attendees. Attendees are responsible for booking their own lodging. A Facebook Workshop Page will created that will allow attendees to communicate and share ideas if they wish to lodge together.

**Lodging and travel are not included in workshop price.

Flash Sale Sign up by April 20th at 11pm pst
$2,500 (usd)

The Workshop Experience
July 1-3, 2019 | Paris, France
$3,100 (usd) after April 20th. 



Join us for an incredible photography workshop Paris, France. Can't wait to see you there!

Past Workshop Publications

Donny's work can be found in many local, national, and international print and online publications.