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"Donny is the best. We attended his workshop for photographers this week and Donny went above and beyond. He is such a talented and skilled photographer who is professional, real, nice, honest, and personable. The investment in Donny whether it be for hiring him for a wedding or attending one of his workshops...is worth every penny. He delivers such a beautiful and refined product and experience. Donny genuinely values his clients, other vendors and his students. Considering how much I gained this week in experience, relationship, knowledge, affirmation, and inspiration we know that it was a very smart investment for my business and we know there will be a return. Donny, thank you so much for such an invaluable experience and opportunity. God has blessed this world with you and your gift....may it spread like a wild fire."

Past Workshop Publications

Donny's work can be found in many local, national, and international print and online publications.